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      "Well, is this good-by?" he said dolefully,

      "So they said," Don said offhand. "College popularity doesn't saw much wood in later life."[289] It may not be remembered that the predecessor of Louis XV., without the slightest provocation or the pretence of any, gave orders that the whole Protestant population of the colony of New York, amounting to about eighteen thousand, should be seized, despoiled of their property, placed on board his ships, and dispersed among the other British colonies in such a way that they could not reunite. Want of power alone prevented the execution of the order. See Frontenac and New France under Louis XIV., 189, 190.

      To Mr. John Smith and Buchannon, and give it to the next post, and let him show this to Mr. George Gibson in Lancaster, and Mr. Bingham, at the sign of the Ship, and you'll oblige,

      [13] Instructions to Gist, in appendix to Pownall, Topographical Description of North America.

      [307] The earlier cargoes of girls seem to have been better chosen, and there was no difficulty in mating them. Serious disputes sometimes rose from the competition of rival suitors.Dumont, Mmoires historiques de la Louisiane, chap. v.[504] tat de l'Arme Fran?aise devant le Fort George, autrement Guillaume-Henri, le 3 Ao?t, 1757. Tableau des Sauvages qui se trouvent l'Arme du Marquis de Montcalm, le 28 Juillet, 1757. This gives a total of 1,799 Indians, of whom some afterwards left the army. tat de l'Arme du Roi en Canada, sur le Lac St. Sacrement et dans les Camps de Carillon, le 29 Juillet, 1757. This gives a total of 8,019 men, of whom about four hundred were left in garrison at Ticonderoga.


      "I can walk," she said. "If you will help me."


      Washington seems not to have hesitated a moment. Fearing a stratagem to surprise his camp, 147[1] Relation de ce qui s'est pass, etc., 1695, 1696; La Potherie, III. 279. Callires and the author of the Relation of 1682-1712 also speak of the extraordinary fortitude of the victim. The Jesuits say that it was not the Christian Indians who insisted on burning him, but the French themselves, "qui voulurent absolument qu'il f?t brul petit feu, ce qu'ils executrent eux-mmes. Un Jesuite le confessa et l'assista la mort, l'encourageant souffrir courageusement et chrtiennement les tourmens." Relation de 1696 (Shea), 10. This writer adds that, when Frontenac heard of it, he ordered him to be spared; but it was too late. Charlevoix misquotes the old Stoic's last words, which were, according to the official Relation of 1695-6: "Je te remercie mais tu aurais bien d? achever de me faire mourir par le feu. Apprenez, chiens de Fran?ois, souffrir, et vous sauvages leurs allies, qui tes les chiens des chiens, souvenez vous de ce que vous devez faire quand vous serez en pareil tat que moi."


      These drastic utterances seem to have been partly due to a letter written by Montcalm in cipher to the Marchal de Belleisle, then minister of war. It painted the deplorable condition of Canada, and exposed without reserve the peculations and robberies of those intrusted with its interests. "It seems," said the General, "as if they were all hastening to make their fortunes before the loss of the colony; which many of them perhaps desire as a veil to their conduct." He gives among other cases that of Le Mercier, chief of Canadian artillery, who had come to 36


      [390] Fox to Shirley, 13 March, 1756. Ibid., 31 March, 1756. Order to Colonel Webb, 31 March, 1756. Order to Major-General Abercromby, 1 April, 1756. Halifax to Shirley, 1 April, 1756. Shirley to Fox, 13 June, 1756.