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      Johnson was a little mollified.Wont you tell me something aboutabout Lilias? said Esmeralda in a low and faltering voice.

      I's bound to be a ladies' man.

      Dogs Ear is going to put up the coach at the Gulch, he said. Dont shout and dont laugh, for, after a moment of incredulous astonishment, some of them opened their mouths as if to greet the statement with a contemptuous guffaw. Its a fact; William overheard those two fellows yesterday. See? Right! Now, boys, for the plan of attack. You, Taffy, and MacGrath will ride round the bend and get behind the clump of trees on the left side of the road. Go right round, and keep a sharp lookout. Benson and Karl will keep a quarter of a mile this side, and wait in the hollow; Bill and I will hide ourselves on the other side of the Gulch. If all goes well, and Dogs Ear doesnt smell a rat, theyll drop on the coach as it passes over the bridge. It will take them a minute or two to put up the coach, and well wait until theyre engaged in the business, and drop on them. Wait till you hear me fire, and then ride in. Got it?

      Upon that he raised the flag high in one hand, let it balloon to the wind, made a sign of refusal, and all at once poured out a flood of speech--pledges to Anna and her fellow-needlewomen--charges to his men--hopes for the cherished cause--words so natural and unadorned, so practical and soldier-like, and yet so swift, that not a breath was drawn till he had ended. But then what a shout!

      Then, in a lower tone, she added: It is his blood.

      Byssa was sitting near the pool among some young matrons of her own age. She had removed her sandals, and while he was watching her, rested her foot on her knee to examine a scratch she had received from the stones on the way. A young woman, whose appearance indicated that she was about to become a mother, approached with her arms full of flowers and, smiling, flung them all into Byssas lap, whispering something in her ear as if it were to be kept a secret from the very stones. Byssa flushed crimson and snatched up one of the sandals lying by her side to make a feint of punishing her friend; but, as she raised her arm, the sandal slipped from her hand and flew far out in the water.

      "She carried nothing but a message?"


      Be a good wife to this stranger. But do not abandon Zeus Hypsistos, that Zeus Hypsistos may not abandon you.



      Thus Charlie Valcour found the company as suddenly he reappeared in it, pushing in to the main group where his leader stood eagerly engaged with Anna.