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      "You're right we have, you bully boy with a glass eye," said the Adjutant, slapping him on the shoulder with a familiarity that would have given the young Engineer Lieutenant a spasm and caused a strong report on the discipline of the 200th Ind. "And you can just bet we'll keep it, too. You ought to see the Colonel's eye. We'll lead the procession into Shelbyville, which is only 15 miles away."

      He was so obdurate that the boys would some times be provoked to sharp words to him, but his gentle speech would quickly disarm them again, and make them feel penitent.

      "Dodd," Albin said, in what was almost a worried tone, "what the hell are you talking about?"

      "You old rascal, you'll steal the General's cow, will you? Fond of thorobred stock, are you? And a citizen, too. Well, I'll see whether a month of hard work on the fortifications won't cure you of your fancy for blooded cattle.""Alf, that rebel come dumbed nigh missin' you," said the greatly relieved Si.

      "It'll be a great help in many ways," considered Lieut. Bigelow. "The crowd'll be looking for us at the stations and not think of these others. Those are two very solid men, and will do just what they promise. I think I'll let them try it. It would be well for you to tell those men that any monkey business with them will be unhealthy. They'd better trust to getting away from the grand jury than from them."

      "ONLY 25 MILES TO SHELBYVILLE."Bradshaw shambled forward in a way that made Shorty call out:


      "I suppose we had better stop here and stack our arms out of the way," they heard the officer say who seemed to be in command. "We've got an all-night's job before us, fixing up that bridge, and getting those wagons across. Stack arms, boys, and leave your belts and traps with them. There's lots of work down there for us.""A nice guy?" he said. "I wouldn't know, Miss Forzane."


      "Well, I'm goin' to read your old letter for you, if you'll just gi' me time," remonstrated Maria. "What are you in such a hurry for, old cross-patch? Le' me see:


      Well, friends, some of them went right back and asked to be servants againthey did so. It's a historical fact. But that was no good: the machines had taken over and there was no room for them."I won't write you a word about Maria," said the youth, seeing his advantage, "onless you promise to send me a whole lot o' catridgesa hatful. Powder and lead costs a heap o' money. And so do caps."