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      Nous allions gravement dune allure indolente,It cannot be Satan, said the wife of the concierge, but it may be conspirators.

      "They are cousins, remember," said Mr. Bergan, snatching at the first thread of hope, though not without a sufficient sense of its fragility.

      We were scarcely seated at supper before he began by drinking a number of interesting healths, which there was a necessity of pledging. This first skirmish being over, it was followed by an incessant flow of sallies and repartees. The most contracted countenances became expanded. The gayety was general, even the ladies assisting in promoting our jollity.

      A new era of prosperity, though of quite a different kind from the luxury, excitement, and splendour of her earlier life, now began for Mme. de Genlis. She opened a salon which was soon the resort of most of the interesting and influential people of the day. In the society of the Consulate and Empire [457] her early opinions and proceedings were not thought about, and her literary reputation was now great; and besides countless new acquaintances many of her old friends were delighted to welcome her again.

      "I think he has children near my own age," remarked Bergan.



      "Impossible, father! He had such a fine, noble countenance!"


      CONDEMNATION OF THE JUDGES.The proposal, Sir Thomas replied, is to give guarantees at once.