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      CHAPTER VII. THE EXCITING ADVANCE TULLAHOMA"Throw some hot water on 'em."

      "Very good, sir."

      "Build a fire under 'em."

      "Take care, my good" and then the Lieutenant caught the glare of Shorty's eye. "Take care, sir. You're on the verge of mutiny. I may have you court-martialed and shot, if you're not careful.""Si, I've lost my blouse. I dropped it down there jest before we crossed the road. I'm goin' to get it."

      "No, not a drap more'n two fingers now. If yo' behave yo'self I'll give yo' another two fingers by-an'-by."

      "Yes," grumbled Shorty, "and we'll jest git there in time to see them Illinoy Suckers hog everything. You kin see 'em limberin' up and preparing to git. Just our dumbed luck."


      "Now, men," said he, authoritatively, "pull away for the other side, pointing up stream. That glow over there is our campfires. Make for it."


      Again Shorty sent down the bullet screw, and again there was more tearing off of bits, and finally a mangled bill was dragged forth and laid aside for Mandy to repair. "Ike Englehardt sent that to his mother to help take his sister through the Normal School, so's she kin become a teacher. She'll git that all right. But I've broken my bullet screw in that wrastle. It snapped clean off, and I've got the worst job of all now to get out 0 in two 50's that Abe Trelawney sent his mother to meet that mortgage on her little house. Abe's bin savin' it up for months, and I was more anxious about it than any other, and so I put it down first. Si, let me have your bullet-screw."


      "I tell you we're union soldiers," repeated Si. "Can't you tell that by our clothes?""Si, I'd trust you as I would no other man in Co. Q or the regiment. I'll"